Innovation Day: Sustainable Digital Transformation Middle East & Africa 2021

Join us for this July 6th, 2021 virtually and discover how we can progress towards a sustainable digital transformation in a post-recovery, new electric world.

Sustainable Digital Transformation in Middle East & Africa

Digitization is no longer an option, but a need for businesses to stay ahead of the game. As more businesses accelerate their efforts, demands for highly available and critical infrastructure continues to rise – from the IT room to the factory floor.

This then begs the question: How do we keep this growth momentum with sustainability at our core as we power through an all-electric, all-digital world?

Join our 2nd Annual Innovation Day 2021, where we bring together best in class speakers from a well known digital anthropologist, sustainability enthusiasts, to the IT industry’s top leaders - who will share their insights on:

Set virtually across seven regions, discover how digitization can optimize and maintain business continuity with decision-making based on changing market conditions, to drive financial growth and operational stability, while delivering environmental added value to your customers.


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